Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 4.45.31 PMOur office has moved… we are now located at 3836 Johnston Street, Brunswick, GA 31520

Mailing address: P.O. Box 2318, Brunswick, GA 31521

Phone: 912-275-7425


Lynn Love, Executive Director

Tonya Barbee, Clinical Program Manager

Casey Cate, Affiliate Resource Coordinator

Ally Christianson, Clinical Support Specialist

Tara Williford, Site Coordinator – Brunswick High School

Jazmin Ponce, Site Coordinator – Glynn Academy

DiAna Holmes, Site Coordinator- Glynn Middle School

Alexandra Helgesen, Family Outreach/Immigrant Student Services, Glynn Middle School

Earlene Dickson, Site Coordinator – Burroughs-Molette Elementary

Courtney Lucas, Resource Coordinator/Parent Outreach/Volunteer Coordinator – Burroughs-Molette Elementary

Sheika Freeman, Site Coordinator – Goodyear Elementary

Willie Bolden, Resource Coordinator/Parent Outreach/Volunteer Coordinator – Goodyear Elementary

Eddie Booker, Site Coordinator- Jackson Learning Center, Brunswick High and Glynn Academy

Jeff Brown, Site Coordinator, Risley Middle School

Executive Committee (Finance/Governance)
Officers of the Corporation [chairperson, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer]

  • Jim Weidhaas, Chairman
  • Allison Ross, Vice Chairman
  • Catherine Wood, Treasurer
  • Detra Brock, Secretary

Resource Development/Partnerships Committee

Acquiring funds and non-financial resources necessary to operate to local program. i.e. finding corporate sponsors, developing the strategy for fundraising and the tactics to hit goals

  • Chris Moline
  • Craig Campbell
  • Chip Hamby

Public Relations – Community Awareness Committee

Communicating the vision, mission, purposes to the community. i.e. speaking to groups, finding ways to build awareness of overall brand and events, developing materials.

  • Craig Campbell
  • Allison Ross
  • Detra Brock
  • Brooke Carter
  • Meady Watkins
  • Jim Motos

Advisory Board Committee
Past board members and/or strategic advisors

  • Brent Barbee, Immediate Past-Chairman
  • Jack Kilgore
  • Craig Entwistle
  • Tony Kreimborg
  • Wendy Capes
  • Cedric King